Chairman's Message

With the upsurge growth in transportation sector, RJ Suzuki has always been in the main stream. When consumers are optimistic about future economic conditions, they are more likely to buy a motorcycle. As per capita disposable income increased, consumers became more confident in making large purchases. Motorcycles, motorbikes and motor scooters are largely considered discretionary purchases. Therefore, consumers generally do not purchase industry products when money is tight. 

In present scenario market has grown competitive. Multifold effort of our executive, staffs, associates,friends and buyers has been unprecedented, overwhelming and encouraging.

Let us explore the opportunity, join hands and associates in the fraternity of RJ Suzuki domain.

Wish you all the best.

Our Vision

The core philosophy of SUZUKI is to provide "VALUE-PACKED PRODUCTS". Since the founding of SUZUKI Motor Corporation, the Organization's endeavour has always been to provide "VALUE-PACKED PRODUCTS" as one of the manufacturing philosophies. SUZUKI believes that "VALUE-PACKED PRODUCTS" come from the effort to carry out Product development from customer's point of view. This policy has been in effect since Company's inception and has helped the Organization to meet customer's needs. As a result, SUZUKI's Products have become well received throughout the World. SUZUKI is fully committed to create Products that meet customer's demand by utilizing its dynamic, long-nurtured technological advantage coupled with its fresh and active human resources.

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